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About Our Business
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About Our Business
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Our Business Thinking:

Our Aim Is To Sell Or Rent Your Property.

Stuart Spiers Real Estate Services (SSRES) Limited

Is a dynamic, prudent firm of Real Estate agents headed by Stuart Spiers, who has over 20 years of experience in the service industry, coming from a solid background in Real Estate.  Having an eye for the market and a sound service career ensures that transactions are handled efficiently and professionally.

Our team of agents covers the spectrum of Real Estate transactions, including residential sales and rentals, as well as commercial warehousing and property management.  Working with a compact service unit, we are able to analyse market trends and conditions and advise clients accordingly.  At SSRES, we ensure the efficient, timely and professional handling of all our customers transactions.

Our doors are always open.  We are available to you for advice, long after your transaction is completed.  Together, with our extended force of legal advisors, contractors, architects and developers, we ensure your property is sold or rented.


1.YOU are the Client.

2.We are available to you 24/7, if necessary.

3.Our staff continually receives daily hands-on marketing training and analysis.

4.Our in-house backup team ensures effective time management.

5.Our team handles marketing to not only direct potential clients, but will completely network your property with fellow Real Estate agencies.  This reduces time wastage whilst keeping you abreast of sales developments.

6.Our AREA training ensures that we maintain a high standard of ethics and professionalism.

7.AREA membership allows us access to a network of over 55 agents who are extensions of our sales force, providing a database of information, allowing for the analysis of market conditions.

8.Our diversity allows for specialization by our agents, thus making for greater efficiency.

9.Our targeted marketing ensures completion of the follow-through process.

10.We ensure the sound and legal preparation of all sales/lease documentation via a close relationship with our team of valuators and legal advisors.

11.Our belief in sound communication eliminates misinformation and keeps us focused on the market.

12.Our convenient location allows for easy contact via telephone, fax, email, or one-on-one.